Having an oil portrait painted is a fun and exciting experience that will last for generations. A great portrait stands far beyond photography; it is a timeless image capturing the many layers of a person. Because the painting takes many hours, there is an intimate connection between the artist and the subject. The canvas is a reflection of this connection. Painting portraits for nearly 10 years, I have gained the ability to see that special quality in each person that makes them an individual.


Portraits can either be painted from life, from photographs taken in a desired setting, or composed with a different background. Clients may visit my studio, or I can travel to them to discuss the project and meet the subject. Each portrait is unique, and the details will be determined on an individual basis. Below is my basic portrait procedure.

At the first meeting, we discuss the process and the desired look of the portrait; including size, lighting, clothing, overall feeling, where to hang the painting, timing, budget, and cost.

The second meeting will take approximately three hours. This will include some drawings and a color oil sketch from life, as well as any photography that is necessary. This time is important, because it allows me to get a feel for who the person is. If painting the portrait from life, the number of sittings and times are scheduled. Paintings from life will take anywhere from 3-10 2 1/2 hour sessions based on the size and complexity of the portrait.

The third meeting will be the presentation of the final painting. At this stage, the client has the opportunity to see the final product and request any minor changes. If necessary, another meeting is arranged. Otherwise, the painting is delivered, and final payment is due.


Prices vary depending on size and complexity. Please
call or email to discuss pricing and portrait options. I execute each painting in my studio, or on location. There will be additional charges for any travel, photography, and shipping. Framing is not included, though I am available to assist in the frame selection, if the client desires. Payment schedule is as follows: 50% deposit due upon agreement of portrait details, then balance due upon delivery of finished portrait.

* I use only the highest quality materials for each portrait, to ensure durability and longevity.